The birth of Culture House Films

movie still

Darcie Young and Rachel Somes Rouquet, both former students at Bilingual Acting Workshop, have come together to form Culture House Films.  Culture House Films was born out of the belief in storytelling from an international perspective that transcends big studio stereotypes.

Their upcoming film “Birthday Cake”,  written by award winning screen writer Zoe Madvoudi, focuses on three women who gather at one woman’s house outside of Paris to perform a peculiar annual ritual: to bake a birthday cake for their lost friend and sister. As memories of her untimely and violent death surface, the three women’s conflicted emotions come to a head.  Chloe, a successful novelist with a new release, clashes with Becky, who finds that Chloe’s protagonist bears an uncanny and insulting resemblance to their murdered friend. Jessica interrupts their argument to announce a frightening challenge. All must now decide whether this will be the last birthday cake they make together and how much longer they can let the memory of their friend’s loss take over their lives.

Rachel and Darcie are thrilled to have fellow former BAW student Naty Bievenue as director of this short film and the talented Tony Sebastian Ukpo as DP.

The film is definitely a labor of love for both ladies and has been over a year and a half in the making.  Over this time, they have been fortunate enough to have brought together a tremendous cast and crew that are donating their time and talent simply out of belief in the film.

While fundraising, Culture House Films has been asked to partner with Indiegogo as female innovators in film, something both Rachel and Darcie are very proud of!

Fund raising continues for “Birthday Cake” and it is set to shoot this summer in and around Paris.–5