The Johnstown Flood


The Johnstown Flood - An interactive Museum
May 31, 1889: A dam broke and Johnstown, PA was flooded. In 10 minutes, Johnstown was literally swept away. Over 2,200 people were killed. The tales were taken directly from original archival material from survivors of the Johnstown flood. The characters were all real people. The actors chose people whose stories touched a chord in them, personally. We honor them and the ordeal they faced on May 31, 1889.

A few notes about Johnstown
Why a docudrama about a flood? Good question!
Here is part of an answer: Disasters change the world, and then the world continues. The last few years seem to have been filled with disasters, but perhaps it is part of the nature of things that disasters exist and perpetually change our lives, whether man-made or natural. Everyone knows that disasters are horrific. Disasters in themselves are not interesting, only tragic, maybe pathetic. What is interesting and compelling are people, and their stories, in the face of these disasters. Human beings are amazing. They face horrific loss, they witness dreadful events I can barely imagine, and yet they still struggle to communicate, to understand, to touch, to mourn, and to love. Our response to people in disasters is intimate. It could happen to any of us. We are all involved.

The Johnstown Flood is part of a work in progress, working with the Master Class ensemble on the docudrama form. This project provides several challenges for an actor - working on simplicity and honesty, and trying to remain simple and honest throughout repeated, intimate performances.

Company Profile

The Bilingual Acting Workshop Cast
Anneliese Anzer, Christine Beauvallet, Chantal Marti, Derek Raskin, Dolly West, Gina Abatemarco, J.D. Ostrow, Katharine Price, Luke Thompson, Maiken Lorentz, Ray Schaub, and Ynda Rouya.

Directed by Christopher Mack, ably assisted by Sei Shiomi & Sanja Jankovic


17-18 June 2006 (BAW Masterclass)
Au Salon des Arts in Paris