Dire Medinonpareil


A European teenager, Medi, tries to convince the Indian chief Bob Potawatomi to stop drinking. As Medi realises he cannot change Potawatomi, his usual eloquence leaves him and he is struck dumb. All of a sudden the Indian's fatherly instincts are revived, but is it too late?

Dire Medinonpareil is an exploration of the power of human relationships that can bridge even the most extreme of cultural differences.  Infused with a delicate mysticism, Dire Medinonpareil fuses language as well as the lack of words to produce a play that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

In English, French and Dutch, with subtitles.

Producers: Amy Werba, Chris Mack
Executive Producer: Kirsten Foster

Company Profile

'New Voices, New Projects' has been created to provide a Paris-based platform for artists to exhibit and network innovative new projects already in development, to an audience comprised of experts in the industry, as well as the broader international community.

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Cast & Crew

Mike Sens - Director, and role of Nopal
Born in the Netherlands, Mike studied at RADA in London, and then at the Sorbonne in Paris. As a director, writer and translator, he has worked with directors such as Robert Wilson, Claude Régy, Jérôme Savary, Peter Brook and Steven Berkoff. Medi Direnonpareil, written and directed by Mike, is the third in his trilogy of Manticore plays.

Marc Duret - Bob Potawatomi
Marc Duret is best known for his role in Luc Besson's cult French film Le Grand Bleu, and has had great success in film, television and theatre throughout his career. Marc was nominated for a Molière Award and won the Prix Jean-Jacques Gautier for his role in Olivier Dutaillis' Les Grandes Personnes.  Equally skilled in classical as contemporary plays, he has performed in the US, France, and throughout Europe.

Charles Chemin - Medi
Receiving his formal training at the hands of his father, Philippe Chemin, and Robert Wilson, Charles has appeared in numerous productions such as Robert Wilson's Fables at the Comedie Française and the Lincoln Center, Dostoyevsky's A Gentle Creature at the MC93 and European tour, and is currently working as the assistant director to Robert Wilson on Krapp's Last Tape at the Théâtre de l'Athénée.

Helena Dubiel - Jaime Mahican
Helena was trained as a dancer but on moving to Paris from London turned towards theatre and trained at the École Jacques Lecoq. Having spent eight years performing in Denmark, Sweden and Italy, Helena returned to Paris where she is currently preparing a show based on the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.


Friday 9th December 2011
8 pm

Le Pavé d'Orsay
48 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris



"I admire its simplicity of concept... the text is fine work... très beau."

-- Tomson Highway
Native American playwright and novelist