70 Scenes of Halloween


70 Scenes of Halloween is a comic, sometimes absurd look at Halloween and at relationships dying of familiarity. Jeff and Joan are a hip couple living together in a state of mild antagonism and mutual boredom. They ritually talk, eat, watch T.V., flirt and constantly misunderstand each other - but mysterious, spooky forces are abroad and within.

On Halloween the world turns upside down, as trick-or-treaters metamorphisize into real beasts and witches, and insinuate themselves into the tight emotional world Joan and Jeff have constructed, their shallow existence explodes into a primal reality of blood, bones, sex and raw, real emotion.

The play is funny and dark; an intense theatrical experience. It's that odd mixture of real and imaginary, spooky and comic that drives this play. The perfect way to celebrate a real American Halloween.

Cast & Crew

Featuring Laura d'Artista, Shelly De Vito, Sanja Jankovic, Nick Millett, Ray Schaub.

Directed by Chris Mack, assisted by Sanja Jankovic


28-29 October, 4-5 & 11-12 Nomvember 2006 (co-Production)

Au Salon des Arts in Paris