The Art of the Audition & The Proactive Actor

The Art of the Audition & The Proactive Actor



Fridays, 10h00-12h45


“If you want to create authentically and become a professional experiencer and craftsperson, Celia Anne Browne will take you there.”
– Eric Morris, Creator of the Eric Morris Technique and author of Being & Doing

“Celia truly offers a wonderful and really professional class. Freedom of artistry is the only expression that I can come up with that aptly describes her class. She gets so much out of us and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Alex Poole, Int/Adv Morris & Meisner student


In this weekly class geared for the professional, actors will master the Art of the Audition including cold reading skills, ​​and the capacity to make strong choices that will make each actor shine confidently.

​Over the course of ten weeks​, we will navigate the Actors Business, discussing headshots, cv’s, reels and with Power Group sessions, we will set professional goals supported by the feedback and encouragement of the group.

To make this course exceptional, we will also have visits from special industry guests who will inform and educate us with their expertis​e, such as filmmakers, casting directors and working actors.


If interested in registering for the workshop, please send CV/bio or resume and any links to work if available to for review. Acting experience is required.


Option 1:  One payment of 375€ (use “buy now” PayPal button)*

Option 2: Three monthly payments of 126€* (use “subscribe” PayPal button)*

*Annual registration fee (30€)  is not included in price. The registration fee covers office expenses and insurance and is paid once in the school year. Before making tuition payment for the class, please complete the Registration Form which is provided by administrator after confirmation of acceptance into the class and is due one week in advance of class start date.