The Actor as Storyteller with LA guest teacher Lisa Pescia

The Actor as Storyteller with LA guest teacher Lisa Pescia



Art communicates. I believe we actors are storytellers at heart. Whether it’s Stage, TV, Film or the audition to get one of those jobs, the actor must find the heart beat of the story, connect and make strong, unique choices that support both the storytelling and their talent and belief as an artist. Auditions are the same as scenework or the performance except usually you have a smaller amount of time to prepare. As I’m a 28 year LA veteran actor/teacher, this workshop will focus on primarily TV and Film work and what it takes to successfully get the job. Even if you have no immediate plans to come to the US, this seminar will be a rigorous and fun acting workout for those who are committed to learning new ideas and expressing themselves fully in order to achieve artistic and professional success.


Day 1 will be focused on auditioning. You will be sent sides from a current US TV show in advance so that you can work on them before the class. Please prepare just as you would for a regular audition and bring your sides even if you have it completely memorized. Everyone in class will have a chance to audition and we’ll discuss the work, approach and preparation. We’ll also look at understanding your casting and the breakdown of various types / sizes of parts that you might be asked to read especially for television and film.

Day 2 you’ll be paired with a partner for scene work and we will  look at choices and execution while using a variety of exercises and techniques to expand your exploration. Also there will be a very eye-opening on-camera exercises dealing with being present and full authentic on and off script.


A supportive, yet challenging workshop dedicated to exploring your talent and ability to understand the script and translate that into choices designed to fulfill the demands of the story while staying true to your own authenticity and creating a dynamic, winning audition. You will gain a new approach and set of tools to expand on the work you are already doing. Plus, you get the perspective and extensive knowledge of someone who has been, and currently is, working as an actor in the trenches of LA. Visit


Lisa is a passionate force of nature. Having worked professionally for 25 years, Lisa is an experienced and truly gifted actress. She always brings truth and her own unique voice to her acting work and her teaching. She deeply cares about the art of acting and brings that passion with clarity and exceptional technique to her students. Anyone who has the opportunity to study with this veteran actress and teacher should jump at the chance. She has enriched my life and work for my entire career. – Dendrie Taylor ( “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Fighter”)

Lisa Pescia is one of the most detailed and thorough actors with whom I have ever worked. She builds a character in very specific ways, every detail is important to her. Her work ethic is superb, she has a great sense of humor and did I mention? She’s very talented! – Beth Grant (“The Mindy Project”)