Russian Techniques: Stanislavski to Michael Chekhov

Russian Techniques: Stanislavski to Michael Chekhov

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career in the film industry or further refine your skills by focusing on specific techniques, BAW’s International Film Acting Bootcamp has what you’re looking for!

From stainslavskI to michael chekHov WITH Alexandra OLEYNIK

June 15th & 16th  (Friday and Saturday), 6:30-10:30pm

“Seek him out, wherever he is teaching or performing. He is my most brilliant pupil”  -Konstantin Stanislavski about Michael Chekhov. 

This workshop will concentrate on using the Michael Chekhov technique for film and television and will look at elements such as psycho-physical exercises, imagination, character work, improvisation and atmosphere. Participants will work on scenes from Anton Chekhov plays, concentrating on full listening and reacting spontaneously. The work will be filmed after exploring scene analyses using the Stanislavski Method and various Michael Chekhov exercises.