Kacie’s from Page to Stage: Writing a Powerful Script for Theater, Film & TV

Kacie’s from Page to Stage: Writing a Powerful Script for Theater, Film & TV

Unleash your creativity and learn the powerful tools needed to write for stage, tv, and film in this eight-hour workshop lead by, Kacie Devaney. You will learn the process of writing, which you can apply to any script you craft. The day will include writing warm-ups and prompts to get the creative juices flowing. These exercises will teach you how to warm up your writing instrument, create in the moment, and harness the spontaneity that leads to compelling plots. The workshop will allow and encourage time for group brainstorming and revising in order to learn and practice all facets of the writing process.

Students will be encouraged to read their work out loud for feedback and further development. While most of the workshop is practical, teaching you how to; strengthen your writing skills, think outside of the box, and develop a story that sells; you will also learn the industry standards of writing for the stage and film. Handouts detailing proper formatting will be provided as well as platform suggestions you can use for writing for in all three media.

By the end of this course, you will take away with you a solid start to your play, pilot or film. You will gain invaluable feedback from Kacie and build confidence in your abilities as a writer.

Kacie Devaney is a playwright, film and stage actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, and choreographer from New York City. Recently, her full-length play, The Great Forgotten, was turned into a pilot and is being prospected by various television and film production companies in both the USA and Europe. Kacie has worked and continues to work closely with Broadway and Hollywood film actors, directors, writers, dancers, and producers. Her original works have been featured all over New York City including illustrious film and theatre festivals such as, The New York City International Fringe Festival, The  Down Town Urban Arts Festival, The Mid-town International Festival,  Gibney Dance Center,  Jennifer Muller’s “The Works”, Elisa Monte, The Mark Morris Dance Center, The HERE arts center, The Robert Moss Theatre, The Tank Theatre, The Alchemical Theatre, the TADA theatre, and The Producers Club. Her pilot for film and tv, as well as her plays and dance pieces, have been nominated for, “best production,” “best story” and “best choreography.” Kacie is the founder of the production company, Kreation, and she is the co-founder of the creative agency, Road 13. Kacie also writes as a journalist part-time for the magazine based in New York City, Frenchly.

**Please make sure to bring a notebook, pen, and pencil to the workshop**

Please note this workshop takes place at:

Établissement Culturel Solidaire
100, rue de Charenton
75012 Paris

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