Int./Adv. Morris and Meisner for Film & TV

Int./Adv. Morris and Meisner for Film & TV

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NEW! Enroll for our Int./Adv. Film Certificate Program which includes the weekly Morris & Meisner (Tues.) and The Monologue & Scene Study (Thurs.) classes.  Students receive a Certificate of Completion. To find out more, click here

FALL semester BEGINS SEPTEMBER 15th , 2020

Tuesdays, 19h00-22h


This is an Intermediate Advanced level for the Professional Working Actor, or the dedicated aspiring student, open to continuing students of Celia and for new ones inspired to explore new terrain and interested in becoming masters in the craft of Acting! As this is a Screen Acting class, we will be working on camera often with scenes and monologues from Film and Television scripts.

This intensive weekly class is taught by Celia Anne Browne who hails from Los Angeles and who is an endorsed and master teacher of  the Eric Morris System of Acting. We will explore Instrumental and Craft Approaches of the Morris Method.  ERIC MORRIS, an International teacher based in Hollywood, California, is the author of ten books including the classic No Acting Please. The system is rooted in Stanislavsky and Strasberg as Eric was an Actors Studio member and served some time as head of the Directors Unit in Hollywood.

Truth is the quest. The actor is increasingly more open to experiencing authentically, free to express emotionally, creating profound ensemble with other players, and ultimately to embody a character amidst complex given circumstances, to tell a powerful and riveting story.

For complementary knowledge and engagement, we will also learn a few valued techniques of the esteemed teacher SANFORD MEISNER to further enhance our ability to ‘live truthfully under imaginary circumstances,’ express our impulses, free up with improvisation ability and listen with full presence to the other actor, which can not be emphasized enough!

We will practice all techniques as a group, in partner and there will be individualized attention, to expand the talent of each unique actor and actress.

As the training program progresses, we will conquer Audition skills, replacing any fear with the excitement we feel to be seen and the view of the Audition as an opportunity to do what we love. Confidence will be boosted! Working with cold reading and prepared material, mock Audition experiences will be set up within the supportive environment of the class.

Requires Courage!
The work is Freeing, Irreverent and Exciting!
Life and Performance Changing!

  • Each student will receive one piece of edited material at the end of each semester
  • The course will complete with an open class in June

“If you want to create authentically and become a professional experiencer and craftsperson, Celia Anne Browne will take you there.” – Eric Morris

‘’Celia’s class truly was a life changing experience for me. Not only she’s an amazing acting teacher, she is also one of the most generous and kindest human beings I’ve ever met in my life. She really puts her whole heart and soul into her teaching and truly cares about her students. She knows exactly how to guide you in the right direction as an actor and always gives you honest feedback in the most warm-hearted way possible. She helps her students to focus on what’s really important in acting and to fully connect with themselves and their scene partners. Almost in a therapeutic way, she helped me to connect with my own inner emotions and vulnerability which has helped me a lot in my acting and character development.’’ – Capri Aurell, Int/Adv Morris Meisner student

“Celia Anne-Browne is a highly experienced, intuitive, and individual-based acting coach who has a gift for bringing out the best in the actor according to their unique needs, strengths and the person that they are in their everyday lives.  She teaches a rich curriculum and is able to help an actor to derive organic emotions and experience ‘in-the-moment’ acting.  She is highly committed to her actors’ success and passionate about what she does.” – Tyneille Louise, Int/Adv Morris & Meisner student

“I am taking the Advanced class at Bilingual Acting Workshop with Celia Anne Browne and of all the workshops I have done in Paris and London, it is the best. It is proactive with a very tight group and a sense of family. Celia’s directions and advice are always on point. I have grown so much as an actor and I would urge any aspiring or professional actors to apply.” – Quentin Delanoe, Int/Adv Morris & Meisner student



Interview, letter of intent, CV and/or bio required. For the interview, please have prepared a short monologue from a film or tv script. Interviews take place in person at le Pavé d’Orsay or via Skype.


Option 1: Enroll for the new Int./Adv. Film Acting Certificate Program which includes three weekly classes. (350€ monthly)*. Click here.

Option 2:  Enroll for full year of classes (1650€ total or ten monthly payments of 165€)*.

Option 3: Enroll for individual semesters (905€ total or five monthly payments of 181€)*.

*Annual registration fee (30€)  and semester production fee (150€) are not included in price. The registration fee covers office expenses and insurance and is paid once in the school year. The production fee covers all filming and editing costs during the semester and is paid per semester. Before making tuition payment for the class, please complete both the Registration Form and Registration Payment Form. Forms are provided by administrator after confirmation of acceptance into the class and are due one week in advance of class start date.

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