Int./Adv. Monologue & Scene Study Class

Int./Adv. Monologue & Scene Study Class

NEW! Enroll for our Int./Adv. Film Certificate Program which includes the weekly Morris & Meisner (Tues.) and Monologue & Scene Study (Thurs.) classes.  Students receive a Certificate of Completion. To find out more, click here

Fall semester BEGINS September 19TH, 2019

Thursdays, 10h00-13h30


This 13-week class focuses on preparing monologues for auditions and in-depth scene work.

The first semester will focus on audition pieces and making a selection of suitable monologues referring to casting type to build a repertoire of pieces. We will work on inner life, emotional truth and character analysis all with a continued focus of the physical life of the actor.

The second semester will be a scene study / acting class. The group will work with partners and choose scenes to explore. Each class or rehearsal exercise will explore character development, emotional reality, physical transformation; in the form of rehearsals.  Tools will be discussed and worked on to help explore all aspects of character transformation and story telling.


If interested in registering for the class, please send CV/bio or resume and any links to work if available to An audition may be required.


Please note: This workshop takes place in a private location in the16th arrondissement.


Option 1: Enroll for the new Int./Adv. Film Acting Certificate Program which includes three weekly classes. (350€ monthly)*. Click here.

Option 2:  Enroll for full year of classes (1650€ total or ten monthly payments of 165€)*.

Option 3: Enroll for individual semesters (905€ total or five monthly payments of 181€)*.

*Annual registration fee (30€)  and semester production fee (150€) are not included in price. The registration fee covers office expenses and insurance and is paid once in the school year. The production fee covers all filming and editing costs during the semester and is paid per semester. Before making tuition payment for the class, please complete both the Registration Form and Registration Payment Form. Forms are provided by administrator after confirmation of acceptance into the class and are due one week in advance of class start date.

***Possibilité de prise en charge Afdas et Mutuelle Audiens Intermittents du Spectacle***

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Please upload photo and/or CV if applicable