Int./Adv. Method Acting for Film & TV

Int./Adv. Method Acting for Film & TV

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NEW! Enroll for our Int./Adv. Certificate Program which includes both the weekly Method Acting for Film (Mon.) and Meisner & Morris (Tues.) classes.  Students receive a Certificate of Completion. To find out more, click here


Mondays, 19h00-22h45


“Sei’s class has made a powerful impact on me. His teachings have transformed my approach to the art of acting. I am also grateful for the bond that has formed among our class. This has been an incredible experience.”
K.K., former BAW student

“I’m loving this class and I’m learning so much. Sei is a great teacher and I’ve learned more in one of his lessons than all the courses I’ve done in Italy all together.”
Ilaria, student Fall 2016

This weekly class uses the methods of two great American acting teachers –Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg— to challenge actors to explore the scope of their imagination as well as the depth of their life experience in order to build the most captivating and memorable performance out of their unique talent.

Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg are two pioneers of Method Acting and remain a major influence on actors all over the world. And the techniques they have developed still produce remarkable results whenever they are applied in acting training.

Stella Adler:

“Acting and doing are the same. When you’re acting, you’re doing something. But you have to learn not to do it differently when you act it.” 

It is not by accident that film directors say “Action” when they start shooting. For acting, above all, is about actions, i.e. what you do, both physically and internally.  And no other acting teacher understood this simple fact better than Stella Adler, who is considered the mother of Method Acting in America.

She spent her entire career helping actors understand Actions (what you do), Circumstances (in what condition you do it), and how each Character, whether an ordinary person in the 21st century or a 15th-century Danish prince, is created through these two essential elements in acting.

Some of her students include: Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Mathew Modine, Benicio Del Toro, and Mark Ruffalo.

Lee Strasberg:

“The actor need not imitate a human being. The actor is himself a human being, and can create out of himself.”

Lee Strasberg, the legendary teacher at the Actors Studio, is considered the father of Method Acting in America.  The systematic approach that he has developed through the exploration of the five senses as a tool for self-revelation creates a high level of relaxation, concentration and emotional vulnerability in actors and helps them experience their characters’ lives with a great sense of immediacy.

Some of his students include: Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ellen Burstyn, and Paul Newman.

Through various exercises and scene/monologue work and analysis of great film performances, the class explores different aspects of the craft of acting: Relaxation/Warm-up, Emotional Preparation, Visualization, Interpretation, Script-Analysis, the Vocabulary of Actions, Justifications, Given Circumstances, Character Work and Teamwork

The class is designed for:

  • Professional or semi-professional actors who wish to discover the Strasberg and Adler methods
  • Aspiring actors seeking intense training in a supportive environment
  • Actors who had performed in the past and wish to return to acting
  • French actors or actors of other nationalities with a sufficient level of English who seek international careers in film and TV
  • Actors who, having already taken acting classes, are confused about acting

This class culminates in an open class/showcase at the end of the academic year.


Interview, letter of intent, CV and/or bio required. For the interview, please have prepared a short monologue from a film or tv script. Interviews take place in person at Le Pavé d’Orsay or via Skype.


Option 1: Enroll for the new Int./Adv. Film Acting Certificate Program which includes two weekly classes. (295,50€ monthly)*. Click here.

Option 2:  Enroll for full year of classes (1570€ total or 157€ monthly)*.

Option 3: Enroll for individual semesters (875€ total or 175€ monthly)*.

*Registration (30€)  and production fee (100€) are not included in price. The registration fee covers office expenses and insurance. The production fee covers all filming and editing costs during the semester. Before making tuition payment for the class, please complete both the Registration Form and Registration Payment Form. Forms are provided by administrator after confirmation of acceptance into the class and are due one week in advance of class start date.

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