Eric Morris Technique Workshop

Eric Morris Technique Workshop


“If you want to create authentically and become a professional experiencer and craftsperson, Celia Anne Browne will take you there.”
Eric Morris

“Celia is an amazing teacher of Eric’s work. A real artist and avatar.”
Lisa Milinazzo, Director, Playwright, Teacher
NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Program and NY Film Academy


This 9- hour workshop is a dynamic introduction to the work of master American acting teacher Eric Morris, taught by BAW advanced acting teacher Celia Anne Browne. Celia hails from Los Angeles and has been endorsed to teach the Eric Morris technique internationally by ERIC MORRIS himself.

In this workshop we will explore Instrumental and Craft techniques of the Eric Morris System of Acting. Eric Morris, an International teacher based in Hollywood, California, is the author of ten books including the classic No Acting Please. The system is rooted in Stanislavsky and Strasberg as Eric was an Actors Studio member and served some time as head of the Directors Unit in Hollywood. From there Eric created his revolutionary system as used by Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp, to name a few.

Truth is the quest. The actor is increasingly more open to experiencing authentically, free to express emotionally, creating profound ensemble with other players, and ultimately to embody a character amidst complex given circumstances, to tell a powerful and riveting story.

We will practice all techniques as a group, as partners and there will be individualized attention, to expand the talent of each unique actor and actress.

Requires Courage!
The work is Freeing, Irreverent and Exciting!
Life and Performance Changing!

If interested in registering for the workshop, please send CV/bio or resume and any links to work if available to Beginners are welcome. Please memorize a short monologue from TV or film for the workshop.