Guest Teachers Award-Winning Actress Jennifer Esposito & NYC Casting Director Devin Shacket to join BAW Summer Film Acting Bootcamp 2019

Taught by

This 2-week long program is designed for beginners and professional actors alike – including men! Master female teachers from New York, London, Moscow, and Los Angeles will offer students a dynamic and concentrated introduction to film acting.

When registering for the entire program, not only will you gain techniques from renowned acting teachers such as Stanislavsky and Strasberg, but you’ll also walk away with real tools for building your career, such as:

  • Professional filmed material to use for your reel
  • Prepared monologues to use for future castings and auditions
  • Practical advice for putting together your CVs, headshots, websites & reels
  • Breakdown of the ins and outs of starting a career in film
  • Certificate of completion
  • Receive 10% discount when registering for the full bootcamp

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career in the film industry or further refine your skills by focusing on specific techniques, BAW’s International Film Acting Bootcamp – “WOMEN IN FILM” has what you’re looking for!

emotional preparation for the camera with ACTRESS jennifer esposito & BAW founder AMY werba –

June 27th-29th (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) 7:00-11:00pm (12 hours)

Over the course of three nights, this technique workshop will teach participants how to successfully prepare for auditions and work in front of the camera. The first part of this workshop with AMY WERBA will concentrate on emotional preparation using Method exercises. The second part led by award-winning actress JENNIFER ESPOSITO will put this technique into practice with filmed monologues. Learn how to make the work natural, realistic and personal in front of the camera.

Taught by BAW’s Founder and Artistic Director Amy Werba, participants will learn:
  • sensory awareness
  • private moments
  • affective memory
  • creative imagination
  • relaxation
  • character development
These basic elements will give students the techniques needed to bring a full emotional life to any film acting role they are cast in!


June 14th & 15th (Friday and Saturday), 6:30-11pm (9 hours)

Learn what it takes to audition on-camera effectively in a highly competitive market. DEVIN SHACKET is a New York based casting director, audition coach, and on-camera audition technique teacher. Devin has worked with Emmy Award winning Casting Director Julie Schubert, on the Netflix series House of Cards. She has also worked with casting directors Meredith Tucker, Laray Mayfield, Tracy Twinkie Byrd, Kevin Kuffa, Lynn Kressel, Rori Bergman, Kimberly Hope, Bess Fifer, Beth Bowling, and Kim Miscia.
Devin’s students and private coaching clients have appeared on television shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Iron Fist, Happy, Gotham, Switched at Birth, Tyrant, The Deuce, Jack Ryan, Sneaky Pete, Quantico, Jessica Jones, Blue Bloods, The Looming Tower, and more.  Many clients appear on regional and New York stages and in feature films.


June 17th & 18th (Monday and Tuesday), 6:30-11pm (9 hours)

“Seek him out, wherever he is teaching or performing. He is my most brilliant pupil”  -Konstantin Stanislavski about Michael Chekhov. This workshop will concentrate on using the Michael Chekhov technique for film and television and will look at elements such as psycho-physical exercises, imagination, character work, improvisation and atmosphere. Participants will work on scenes from Anton Chekhov plays, concentrating on full listening and reacting spontaneously. The work will be filmed after exploring scene analyses using the Stanislavski Method and various Michael Chekhov exercises.

the Monologue workout (auditioning for British training programs) with Alexa ROSEWOOD & annemarie florent-neerings

June 22nd & 23rd (Saturday & Sunday), 4:30-10:30pm (12 hours)

This 2-day workshop focuses on preparing texts and monologues for auditions, especially for the highly competitive British training programs and conservatories, a must for breaking into the British film and television industries. Alexa, a graduate of the Drama Centre London, will transform performances with the help of object excercises to develop characterization. Participants will walk away with polished monologues and tools to help conquer the next casting or audition.

Eric MORRIS system of acting WITH Celia ANNE BROWNE

June 24th & 25th (Monday and Tuesday), 6:30-11pm (9 hours)

In this workshop, participants will discover the power behind the teachings of Eric Morris, renowned teacher and author of ten books, including the classic, “No Acting Please.” His techniques produce powerful results for the actor. Over the course of two evenings, participants will explore exercises which focus on relaxation, the five senses, and private moments in order to help actors experience a true emotional life in front of a camera. The actor becomes free to experience authentically, to express emotionally, and ultimately to embody a character amidst complex given circumstances. This workshop will also provide tools for conquering the film industry in Paris.