Bilingual Acting Workshop Alumna Melissa Farman Stars With Julianne Moore and Ed Harris in “Game Change”

We are very proud to announce that former BAW student Melissa Farman is starring alongside Julianne Moore in Game Change — a film about Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign. She plays Bristol Palin in the film. Here’s an excerpt from an interview she did with BlackBook Magazine:

How was it working with Julianne Moore? Is she kind of like an awesome movie mom? Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. You know, I grew up idolizing her. She’s one of the reasons I started acting. As a kid I was super shy, so my mother put me on stage to help me get rid of my shyness, which is kind of a practical joke when you think of it. But then as I got into theatre, my mom and I would watch movies and go to plays together, and one of my mother’s favorite actresses was Julianne Moore. I grew up basically watching everything Julie did. Having her as an on-screen mom was kind of surreal, but the second I met her I got over it. She’s just so down to earth and makes everyone around her family. She’s really hard-working, and it’s really wonderful for me to watch her work because here’s someone who is at the top of her game and has had such an amazing career. Still, she just keeps working at it, challenging herself in such new ways. Watching her do this and carve this character out when we were working together was really, really inspiring.

Read more here. Melissa Farman was a student at BAW and studied under Amy Werba from 12 to 17, and additionally took some classes with Chris Mack.