Be Your Own Coach

Be Your Own Coach: Emotional Preparation for the Film and TV Actor and Director

So many talented actors have trouble preparing and making choices when it comes to tapping into the emotional life of a character. When your director says ‘action,’ are you truly connected to your character and their world? 

Be Your Own Coach, by Amy Werba and Peter Meagher, is a pocketbook manual that will allow you to prepare by yourself, for yourself, before an audition or on set. Drawing on insights from their personal careers, Amy and Peter emphasize the value of emotional preparation as they guide up-and-coming acting professionals to embrace their craft on a deeper and more profound level.

In this book, you will gain:
– A step by step method for emotional preparation through easily accessible keyword
– Practical, workable exercises to enhance your acting performance 
– A renewed approach to character work and scene preparation 
– Techniques for long-term character development to round out your preparation
– Personal reflections from Amy’s acting career
– Insights to help you succeed in the industry

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About Amy   

Amy Werba holds a Master of Arts degree in Film and Theatre from New York University (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts, and a D.E.A./pre-doctorate in Psychology from Sorbonne University in Paris. Her training as an actress/director was with Lee Strasberg and Shelley Winters (on scholarship) at the Actors Studio in New York, and Sandra Seacat. 

As an actress, Amy Werba has appeared in over 22 international motion pictures, working with an array of directors such as Herbert Ross, Claude Chabrol, and Liliana Cavani, as well as actors such as Peter Ustinov, Mickey O’Rourke, Helena Bonham-Carter, Shelley Winters, Ben Gazzara, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. She began her career as an assistant director working for several notable directors including Vincent Minnelli (Nina with Ingrid Bergman and Liza Minnelli), Pan Cosmatos (Cassandra Crossing with Burt Lancaster and Sophia Loren), and Luigi Comencini (La Donna della Dominica with Jacqueline Bisset and Marcello Mastroianni). 

In 1995, Amy created the Bilingual Acting Workshop (BAW) in Paris to pass on her experience to actors and directors from around the world. In addition to her role as BAW’s Artistic Director, she continues her career in Paris as an actress and director.

About Peter

Peter Meagher is a filmmaker based in New York. He attended the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, VGIK in Moscow and has a BA in Cinema from Paris VIII Universtié. He worked with Amy at the Bilingual Acting Workshop in Paris for over a decade. He enrolled at the Digital Film Academy, New York in early 2019 and completed his certificate in Advanced Digital Filmmaking in 2020.