Sei began his acting training in a performing arts school in Boston. After graduating from New York University (Tisch School of the Arts) with a BFA degree in acting and studying at the Stella Adler Studio, he worked in Off-Broadwy productions for two years as an actor and director (notably Pan Asian Repertory Theatre company). During that time, he became increasingly interested in directing and in different training methods. In 1996, Sei decided to leave New York in search of diverse approaches to acting that existed in the world. This research took him on a cross-continental trip across Europe, during which he met and worked with theatre professionals from Russia, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, England and Japan (including Yoshi Oida from Peter Brook's company). Sei arrived in Paris in 1997 and followed an apprenticeship with Amy Werba at the Bilingual Acting Workshop before accepting his position as a BAW instructor. He also created the Four Courners Theatre Ensemble and co-produced and performed in Arthur Miller's The Creation of the World and Other Business. His directing credits include (in English): The Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang, Desdemona by Paula Vogel, The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman (co-directed with Amy Werba), The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel, Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang, The Blue Room by David Hare, The Big Funk by John-Patrick Shanley, Split by Michael Weller, Refuge by Jessica Goldberg, Old Saybrook by Woody Allen, Blue Surge by Rebecca Gilman, Doubt by John-Patrick Shanley, Stuck by Jessica Goldberg, Independence by Lee Blessing. (In French): Le Chat du Rabbin by Johann Sfar (an adaption of his comic book), Suspendus by Franck-Olivier Lafererre, Ecrits d'Amour by Claude Bourgyex, Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928) for the Avignon theatre festival, La Ligne - la vie de faussaire by Sarah Kaminsky, Lâleh - une fleur en partage by Aude-Laurence Clermont-Biver (in Luxembourg and in Paris).

He is also an acting coach: actors he has coached have recently appeared in Dunkirk (dr. Christopher Nolan), Mission Impossible 6 – Fallout (dr. Christopher McQuarrie), The 15:17 to Paris (dr. Clint Eastwood), as well as in numerous TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Canal+, France 2, France 3, and M6


"Sei's class has made a powerful impact on me. His teachings have transformed my approach to the art of acting and the process led me to learn a lot about myself. I am also grateful for the bond that formed among our class. This truly has been an incredible experience."  K.K.


"Sei pushes his students to work hard and reach their full potential. He gives individual attention to each student and his or her needs as an actor. Equally important is Sei's dedication to fostering a supportive and friendly environment; Sei has built a community of actors who work well together to put on great shows, have fun working together, and feel comfortable learning and growing together as a team." Rebecca Samel


"Sei is not only a kind and patient teacher, he has the ability to help his students find the courage needed to explore a character and to bring that character to life." Rosa Alterio


"Sei is an excellent, skilled director with an abundance of creativity.  He can see in a script what was invisible to the rest of us and the play will come alive as soon as he starts working.  He can take a scene that is mediocre and make it into something interesting or funny in just a matter of minutes.  It was a gift to work with and learn from such a talent." Elena Luoto


"Sei is an extremely generous and dedicated director. The time, energy and enthusiasm he brought to, and demanded of, the class every week demonstrated his commitment to his students and to the profession." Steven Tobin


"Sei's class was definitely one of the high points of my year, and something I will never forget. Thanks for making it possible!" S. O'Connor


"Sei is one of those rare teachers who one feels is 100% committed to bringing out the best in each and every one of his students. He has a great talent for inspiring confidence in others … Sei's warm-up techniques are brilliant; he had us, formerly a class of reserved strangers, howling with laughter and totally at ease with each other within the first ten minutes of the class." Chloe Dunn


"He is a great teacher and director, whose vision of acting is clear and simple, and he helps foster talent which is genuine and personal." Sarah Mahoney


"Sei's class is great for beginners and advanced alike. If you're advanced, he'll make you remember you are always a beginner. And if you're a beginner, he will remind you what an advanced soul you really are." Vanessa Chammah


"Sei has helped me tremendously when I had struggle with connecting to my emotions to allow the character to speak the truth. Thanks to him, I have re-examined my approach to the craft of acting and now feel more alive on stage without the pressure of performing, but living instead from moment to moment." Barbara Marest


"Sei knows how to subtly communicate to you clues adapted to your personality without telling you what to do and help you get where you need to go by your own means." Tram Nguyen-Trinh


"Working on comedy with Sei is one of the best things I've done in my life. I often think back of the funny scenes he had us perform on stage - maybe it's thanks to his "East meets West" sense of humour!" Frederic Guyard


(En Français)

Sei SHIOMI a commencé une formation de comédien aux États-Unis dès son jeune âge. Après avoir reçu une licence en Art Dramatique de New York University (Tisch School of the Arts) et deux ans de formation au Studio Stella Adler, il a passé quelques années à travailler sur plusieurs projets Off-Broadway en tant que comédien et mettre-en-scène. Pendant cette période, il a commencé à s’intéresser de plus en plus aux différentes méthodes d'entraînement pour les acteurs.

Il a pris ensuite sa décision de quitter New York afin de découvrir d’autres traditions théâtrales qui existent à travers le monde. Pendant cette recherche, il a rencontré et travaillé avec des acteurs et des metteurs en scène en Russie, Bulgarie, Angleterre, Norvège et Italie. Il a fait également la connaissance de Yoshi Oïda de la compagnie de Peter Brook.

Il est arrivé à Paris en 1997 et il a commencé une apprentissage avec Amy Werba à Bilingual Acting Workshop. Il a également créé une compagnie de théâtre (The Four Corners Theatre Ensemble.) Il a co-produit et joué le personnage de Lucifer dans La Création du Monde et Autre Business d’Arthur Miller à Paris.

Il a notamment mis en scène:

(En anglais) : Baby with the Bathwater de Christopher Durang, Desdemona de Paula Vogel, The Glory of Living de Rebecca Gilman (co-mise en scène avec Amy Werba), Le Cerisier d’Anton Tchékhov, The Baltimore Waltz de Paula Vogel, Beyond Therapy de Christopher Durang, The Blue Room de David Hare, The Big Funk de John Patrick Shanley, Split de Michael Weller, Refuge de Jessica Goldberg, Old Saybrook de Woody Allen, Blue Surge de Rebecca Gilman, Doubt de John Patrick Shanley, Stuck de Jessica Goldberg, Independence de Lee Blessing.

(En français): Le Chat du Rabbin de Johann Sfar (une adaptation de la BD), Suspendus de Franck-Oliver Lafererre, Ecrits d'Amour de Claude Bourgyex, Kristin Lavransdatter de Sigrid Undset (le lauréat du prix Noble en 1928) pour le Festival d'Avignon, La Ligne - une vie de faussaire de Sarah Kaminsky, Lâleh - une fleur en partage de Aude-Laurence Clermont-Biver (au Luxembourg et à Paris).

Il continue sa recherche sur le travail d’ l’acteur en tant que metteur en scène et coach d’acteur.

"Il a le souci de faire jouer les acteurs comme dans la vraie vie et d'être toujours vrais, justes et naturels dans leur jeu. Il sait aussi donner des indications simples et percutantes qui vont diriger l'acteur exactement sur ce dont il a besoin de prendre dans son vécu pour faire vivre la scène. … Sei est un professeur qui prend le temps de connaitre ses élèves dans le détail, qui les observe dès le 1er jour, et je vous prévient que personne n'y réchappe! … Les pièces qu'il a monté et dirigé nous a permis de former une vraie troupe, d'ailleurs beaucoup d'acteurs se sont alliés pour monter à leur tour d'autres projets par la suite ou se sont liés d'une grande amitié." Ynda Rouya