Kacie Devaney is a playwright, film and stage actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, and choreographer from New York City. Recently, her full-length play, The Great Forgotten, was turned into a pilot and is being prospected by various television and film production companies in both the USA and Europe. Kacie has worked and continues to work closely with Broadway and Hollywood film actors, directors, writers, dancers, and producers. Her original works have been featured all over New York City including illustrious film and theatre festivals such as, The New York City International Fringe Festival, The  Down Town Urban Arts Festival, The Mid-town International Festival,  Gibney Dance Center,  Jennifer Muller's "The Works", Elisa Monte, The Mark Morris Dance Center, The HERE arts center, The Robert Moss Theatre, The Tank Theatre, The Alchemical Theatre, the TADA theatre, and The Producers Club. Her pilot for film and tv, as well as her plays and dance pieces, have been nominated for, "best production," "best story" and "best choreography." Kacie is the founder of the production company, Kreation, and she is the co-founder of the creative agency, Road 13.

"Kacie is the best teacher I had during my whole life. She made me believe in myself. She is kind and sensitive. She listens to students and pay attention to what they are saying. My experience with Kacie will be remembered because she was my first acting teacher, she pushed me to a certain level and I watched myself grow as an actor thanks to her. She makes you work with a big smile and big dreams. She has a genuine care for everybody and I admire her creativity and her way of thinking. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is inspirational. I cannot recommend her enough." - Lille, ABC Acting 2018

"I took Kacie’s ABC Acting for the Camera course with BAW and I have to say that Kacie has been a truly wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. She has a way of making her students feel completely comfortable so that we were able to express ourselves, loosen-up and just have fun! Not only did we have some great laugh’s in her class, but I grew so much as an actor because of her mentoring, honest feedback and encouragement. She saw something in me that I wasn’t quite ready to see in myself and she helped me to believe in my abilities and not doubt myself and for that I am truly grateful. - Angelina Iva Avei, ABC Acting 2018-2019

"I am brand new to acting and went out and did my first film audition for a student film of ECAIR school and received a callback. Thanks to BAW and Kacie’s amazing teaching skills I have done well in an audition. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you! - Helene Khindria, ABC Acting 2018-2019