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Chris Mack acts, writes and directs plays and films in Paris and New York. He resides in Paris, where he also acts and directs voiceovers. Recent directing credits include film shorts for Theatre en Anglais' The Importance of Being Earnest, Seventy Scenes of Halloween, Paris Vampires, and Vampire Vermont.

A co-founder of Paris Playwrights and a former member of Blueprint Theatre, The Empty Space Theatre, and Annex Theatre in Seattle; he is a former advisory board member for ESTRENO, which promotes Spanish plays. Chris taught theatre, communications and voice classes within the City University of New York, where he also ran Bronx Community College's Theatre Workshop. Currently, he teaches acting classes for stage and screen for Bilingual Acting Workshop, the American University of Paris, and for EICAR, a French film school.

Chris is also a Paris-based voiceover artist, he does voiceovers for numerous documentaries and films, including such recent films as Persepolis, and an upcoming series of animations based on Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories. He can also be heard as the English narrator on, a series of audio guides of the cities of Europe. With a Master of Arts in Theatre from Hunter College, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Drama from Bennington College, Chris has trained with Nicholas Martin, David Perry, David Saint, Janis Young, Leroy Logan, Betsey Shevey, Arthur Kopit, and Eric Bentley, among others.


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing fun class you let me participate in, on Thursday at 7.00! I absolutely loved it, I love your energy and your positivity when teaching! I really loved the improvisation and watching the scenes! The monologues were wonderful and I adored hearing your feedback and advice!"

Lucy R.

"I've been thinking recently about how great this last year has been for me, how I've never been in a better position to realize my projects and about how important it was that I met you. You were the missing element in my development as a director and as a person too. You changed my life Chris. I owe you so much; Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Peter M.

"After the first class, not only did I enjoy it tremendously, (and by the way I want to say that you are amazing to observe, I mean it is such a pleasure to absorb and take in the vast knowledge and talent that you have - you're quite impressive.) But I realized that I had Forgotten how FUN the acting classes were..."

Kyla K.

"Thanks so much for the constant motivation and support you gave us throughout this course. Your class is definitely one of the few i will remember when leaving Paris!"

Lindai S.

"Dear Professor Mack, I just want to thank you for an incredible semester. I really enjoyed our class and I feel like I gained a lot of confidence and a better understanding myself from this course. You were a wonderful professor and your guidance as well as constant motivation was truly appreciated. I will for sure keep in touch."

Jessica W.

"I was really impressed with the Professor's love for acting and determination to make us gain everything required -- Acting is an art, it's difficult and deserves respect... Professor Mack was superb, he really challenged us, inspired us and believed in us. He was so helpful and motivating."

Anonymous, from suggestion box, American University of Paris

"I learned more aobut myself than I ever learned in a classroom."

Anonymous, from suggestion box, American University of Paris

"Chris is awesome. Really effective, he really knows what he's teaching. What he's doing. Funny too! :)"

Anonymous, from suggestion box, American University of Paris

"It's as valuable as it gets."

Anonymous, from suggestion box, American University of Paris