Annemarie Florent-Neerings is a Pilates instructor, dance teacher and choreographer.

Annemarie studied dance at the “Hoge School voor de Kunsten” in Amsterdam , the Netherlands. She obtained a bachelor in ballet and modern’ jazz, with specialisation in contemporary dance , tap, and choreography.

In 1986 she moves to Paris to work as a dancer with the modern dance company “Passage à niveaux” . Today after 20 years of teaching ballet she specialices in Pilates. She obtained her Master Pilates certificat in mat work and machine work, a craft which took her 5 years.

In 2017 she became the french ambassador of Michael King “Pilates at the barre” in France.

She has studied with Pilates elders Katy Corey and Lolita San Miguel.

The actor’s instrument is his body. An actor without reference to his body is empty. Pilates and dance allow you to connect the brain with the body and therefore control and access your emotional inner life. This is an ideal tool for performance.