“Amy is, by far, the greatest acting mentor I’ve ever met. She is kind, she is patient, and she really connects with everyone. Her advice is really personalised, and genuine. I have learned more in two nights than in the past year since I’ve been training seriously as an actress. She had the time to really talk to each and everyone of us, get to know us and what we’re aiming for, and do her best in the number of hours she had, to get us closer to this dream. I am so so happy with how this class turned out, and I am coming back for more !” Camille Z., Emotional Prep for the Camera Workshop, 2017

“Amy, you are the most inspiring acting coach and person I have ever met. You shaped me into a dedicated acting coach and director. I will forever be in your debt in my heart. Actors are incredibly lucky to train with you, I hope they realize that in New York.” ~ Sophie Ann Rooney

“Amy’s workshop has inspired my first few months in Paris, and I think that her work is really important and she is an anchor in the anglo-franco theatre community here in Paris.” ~ E. Fairley

“…Amy’s exercises were great to watch. Instant results from open, intelligent actors!” ~ P. Sai

“…Sei’s class was definitely one of the high points of my year, and something I will never forget. Thanks for making it possible!” ~ S. O’Connor

“Sei is not only a kind and patient teacher, he has the ability to help his students find the courage needed to explore a character and to bring that character to life.” ~ Rosa Alterio

“I had such a fantastic time at the weekend workshop and I just wanted to give a rave review! Elise is an amazing teacher, she made us all feel so comfortable and I learned more in the weekend about acting for film than I ever learned in my life! It was the best!” ~ L. Ryan

“An exceptional quality of acting and directing and a generosity that is touching!” ~ S. Park Poy

“Thanks so much, Chris, for the constant motivation and support you gave us throughout this course. Your class is definitely one of the few i will remember when leaving Paris!” ~ Lindai S.

“My daughter enjoyed every class she attended with Clarance Tokley. Clarence is not only a professional and talented acting instructor, he has a gift for teaching. His students clearly respect him and enjoy learning from the real life experiences he shares as an actor. I highly recommend Clarence Tokley as an acting instructor!” ~ Dana Hunt

“Very enjoyable and illuminating. A lot of naturals and very good direction.” ~ K. Criss

“Je t’embrasse et merci encore pour ce fameux dimanche où je suis venue découvrir ta classe: un véritable enchantement!” ~ E. Taieb

“It’s as valuable as it gets.”~ Anonymous, from suggestion box, American University of Paris

“The Best Acting Workshop Ever!!!!” ~ Michael Young Séo

“Amy thank you for giving me a chance with BAW when I was 13, for believing in me, for supporting me, for teaching me so much and for being both a dear friend and a mentor.” ~ Philippine

“Recently, I completed a few professional acting workshops in New York City including a 2-day Intensive with an Oscar-Winning Actress. It was an amazing experience that required a lot of emotional preparation. During the workshop it became apparent to me, with every exercise that we did, that I was prepared thanks to my training done with BAW. I was able to relax quicker, engage my  emotional availability and utilize the tools that I’ve learned and developed with BAW. All over Manhattan there are amazing workshops that are fulfilling and helpful to your craft, however they are substantially more expensive than classes offered at BAW. BAW continues to be a great training facility for actors of any level and I can attest to the program’s level of professionalism and affordability!” ~ Alicia Martineau

“Thanks to coaches like Sei, Clarence and Celia I have started to get answers about the craft of acting. After the first course I attended, I felt immediately like BAW was the right choice.” ~ Samy A.