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What OUR BAW Alumni are up to (find out more about student success stories under the NEWS section of our homepage).

Romann Berrux (Teen Film Acting with Clarence Tokley) stars in seasons 1-3 of hit TV show Outlander.

Nicholas Shake (Meisner & Morris with Celia Anne Brown) recently finished filming French feature length horror film The Follower.

Elizabeth Wautlet (Pro Lab with Sei Shiomi) performed her one woman show Jubilee at the Paris Fringe Festival and Theatre de Dix Heures in Paris.

Lena Lapres (Meisner & Morris with Celia Anne Browne) signed with agency Artmedia after her end of year showcase at BAW.

Maxim Bouffard (Teen Film Acting; Meisner & Morris) was accepted to the prestigious Mason Gross School of the Arts B.F.A. program and is also signed with Artmedia.

James Gerard (Pro Lab with Amy Werba) has starred in several feature films since studying at BAW.

. Marie Bouvet (Meisner & Morris with Celia Anne Browne) went on to sign with NOMA Talents agency since studying at BAW.