Film Acting Summer Bootcamp

Film Acting Summer Bootcamp

This 4-day summer program presents a panoramic view of all the techniques that are taught at BAW in a series of 4-hour sessions and gives students a dynamic and concentrated introduction to each method.


June 23rd (Fri) 7-11pm

In this workshop, we will cover the innovative Instrument and Craft Techniques of Eric Morris, renowned teacher and author of ten books, including the classic, “No Acting Please.” Celia is endorsed by Eric himself to teach his work and with joy has been internationally. Truth is the quest. The actor is increasingly more open to experiencing authentically, free to express emotionally, being fully present with the other players, and ultimately to embody a character amidst complex given circumstances, to tell a powerful and riveting story.

Introduction to Lee Strasberg (Sei)

June 24th (Sat) 7-11pm

Lee Strasberg is undoubtedly one of the greatest acting teachers America has ever produced.  He is considered the pioneer of The Method and remains a major influence on actors all over the world. And the techniques he has developed still bring remarkable results whenever they are applied in actor training. This session focuses on his exercises on relaxation, five senses, and private moments in order to help actors experience a true emotional life on stage or in front of a camera.


June 26th (Mon) 7-11pm

In this workshop we will explore how to make the camera work for you.  Understanding the power of angles, framing, timing and camera movement can take an actor from being seen on the screen to existing and living on it. The class will employ scene and camera work to allow students to become more present and truthful.    (unedited footage available to those bringing a USB key to class with them)


June 27th (Tue) 7-11pm

In this workshop we will cover practical information in the actor’s trade such as headshots and resumes, cover letters, agents and casting directors and other logistics. We will then envision roles that we would feel passionate to play! By being proactive and focusing on our capacity as a contributor, rather than at the mercy of a competitive industry, we can be empowered!