Stella Adler Workshop

Stella Adler Workshop

“Acting and doing are the same. When you’re acting, you’re doing something. But you have to learn not to do it differently when you act it.”

— Stella Adler

It is not by accident that film directors say “Action” when they start shooting.

For acting, above all, is about actions, i.e. what you do, both physically and internally.

Having trained at the Adler Studio and having taught her techniques for many years since, I am convinced that no other acting teacher understood this truth about acting better than Stella Adler.

She spent her entire career helping actors to understand Actions (what you do), Circumstances (in what condition you do it), and how each Character, whether an ordinary person in the 21st century or a 15th-century Danish prince, is created through these two essential elements in acting.

Through various exercises and lectures, participants will explore different aspects of playing actions that Adler identified:

  • Different ways of Seeing
  • Actions and their Circumstances
  • Actions and their Instant, Inner and Creative Justifications
  • Physicalizing/Complicating/Simplifying Actions
  • The Vocabulary of Actions
  • Paraphrasing and the Nature of Talk
  • Character work: turning Facts into Truthful Actions

Adler has taught thousands of actors (Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Matthew Modine, Benicio Del Toro, among others) to build a solid craft of acting both for stage and film. Over the course of nine hours, this workshop will introduce participants to her vision and insight and inspire them with profound respect for the art of acting that Adler demanded of any actor she worked with.

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