Film Acting Lab – Developing Your Show Reel for Success

Film Acting Lab – Developing Your Show Reel for Success

This weekly class helps student-actors clarify and deepen their previously-acquired acting skills and gives them the opportunity to assess their acting craft through the development of short films/scenes to be shot throughout the semester.  This material can be used to build or revamp their show-reel—an essential tool for finding agents and getting work in today’s film and TV industry.

Various American acting methods (The Actors Studio/Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen) will be applied through exercises and rehearsal prior to filming.

The material to be filmed will be provided by the teacher or by students who are looking for specific types of material that is missing in their acting repertoire or show-reel.

This class is intended for students who are:

  • Professional actors who need to work on specific types of material for training and/or their show-reels
  • Serious acting students who are considering a career in the industry and needs to develop their show-reels in order to find an agent and/or contact casting directors
  • French actors who need acting experience and film material in English for auditions and show-reels in English
  • Directors or directing students who wish to develop short films through collaboration with actors

There will be a screening of selected and edited footage from class at the end of the semester in front of an invited audience.


Interview, letter of intent, CV and/or bio required. For the interview, please have prepared a short monologue from a film or tv script. Interviews take place in person at Le Pavé d’Orsay or via Skype.


Option 1: Semester in full, 990€

Option 2:  Semester by installments, six monthly payments of 165€

***Possibilité de prise en charge Afdas et Mutuelle Audiens Intermittents du Spectacle***

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