BEING AND DOING Part 2: Intensive Technique Workshop for Theater and Film

BEING AND DOING Part 2: Intensive Technique Workshop for Theater and Film

In this weekend workshop, as part of our INSIDE OUT/OUTSIDE IN: American Techniques of Acting series, we will explore revered techniques by American Masters: Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Morris and others! Over the course of eight hours, we will cover one technique per American Master, to give us comprehensive exposure to the exciting Craft of Acting. Each technique will be used to teach the actor how to unlock the state of “Being and Doing”, giving the actor the ability to bring forth vitality and truth each time they step on the stage or in front of the camera. These techniques are revered because they work!

This workshop continues from Being and Doing Part 1, offered in November 2016. We will use different exercises exploring the same themes, so feel free to join us whether or not you participated last fall! This class is open to all interested.

“I really enjoyed working with Clarence and Celia this weekend, they are such a great team of teachers and it really allowed me to get a great grasp of a variety of theories and practises in a short amount of time.” ~ Ben

“Celia and Clarence are very enthusiastic and inspiring teachers. It was great that they were so considerate to beginners and knew exactly how to create a safe environment for us to open up and be vulnerable.” ~ Patrick

“Thank you warmly for a wonderful workshop!  It permitted us to touch on several types of theatrical approaches and techniques.  I was able to overcome some hurdles and it enabled much self-expression in addition to joy and freedom in the being and doing mode. The class was extremely well conducted and masterfully taught by Celia and Clarence, who are experts of their craft. There was a positive flow and the dynamics of the class were conducive to the learning process.” ~ Evelyne

“I enjoyed and learned so much. Both professors were amazing.” ~ Delaram

“It was so great I want to attend another workshop with Clarence and Celia.” ~ Samy

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