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Next class:  Saturday 17 February 2018, 19h00-21h00, Intro to Eric Morris & Meisner with Celia Anne Browne

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Join us for this mini-lesson exploring the techniques of two master American acting instructors. Truth is the quest. Implementing Morris and Meisner techniques, the actor is increasingly more open to experiencing authentically, free to express emotionally, creating profound ensemble with other players, and ultimately to embody a character amidst complex given circumstances, to tell a powerful and riveting story.

Celia Anne Browne is a certified Eric Morris instructor. Eric Morris, an international teacher based in Hollywood, California, is the author of ten books including the classic No Acting Please. The system is rooted in Stanislavsky and Strasberg as Eric was an Actors Studio member and served some time as head of the Directors Unit in Hollywood. From there Eric created his revolutionary system as used by Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp, to name a few.

For complementary knowledge and engagement, we will also learn a few valued techniques of the esteemed teacher SANFORD MEISNER to further enhance our ability to ‘live truthfully under imaginary circumstances,’ express our impulses, free up with improvisation ability and listen with full presence to the other actor, which can not be emphasized enough!

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