Our mission is to foster artists of value that will excel in their craft, with a clear mission to create and inspire others. BAW brings together multilingual and multicultural individuals to enhance their expression, education and networking through related studies in media, theatre, and film.

Professional actors and acting students explore their potential as performers under skilled direction. Directors work with actors, writers workshop original material, and beginners develop communication skills. Beyond the classroom, BAW fosters the development of opportunities for its participants. As a result, several independent professional film and theatre projects have grown out of BAW workshops and classes.

Founded by in Paris in 1995, BAW is committed to providing an intimate, intercultural performance environment for its students. The classes remain small (12 – 15 students per class) to maintain the continued dynamic and personalized training. All classes are conducted in English; participants are encouraged to use their native language for more authentic performances.

BAW is affiliated with The American University of Paris and collaborates with Euro-Disney. Amy Werba founded The Living Theatre Conservatory in 2010 in conjunction with the Living Theatre in NYC.  BAW NYC and BAW Paris were founded in 2013 and have had the pleasure to have collaborated with the acclaimed Mark Morris Dance Group and participated in their master class series.

Entry into classes and workshops by audition or interview only.


"Amy guided me carefully and gently through emotional and spiritual processes, which I had never dreamt of encountering as an actress. An amazing teacher and human being."